Amelia Island is at the southernmost tip of a chain of islands that protects the coast from the Carolina’s to Florida.  A tiny Island named after the daughter of King George II of Great Britain, it is a huge tourist attraction and come April 30th it will be elbow to elbow to celebrate Shrimpfest. I plan to be elsewhere.

Needing an oil change I pulled into Five Star Quick Lube and met the owner, Dale. Half an hour later, after covering everything from relationships to jeeps he oiled my old beast up. Dale is one of a few born and raised on this 13 mile by 4 mile patch of heaven (except during hurricanes).

I was talking Charles of Walmart about car radios when an old gent walked up to me, Peter of Byrne and said…you look like a fisherman, what should I buy, wisely Charles nodded at me to continue and I proceeded to question the customer about where he planned to fish, what he planned to fish for and what his budget was. Ten minutes later he had a rod and reel, some tackle and a short lesson in fishing….keep the tip up, allow no slack in the line and keep the drag on the loose side.  Charles thanked me and then sold me a car radio.