I took my wedding band off today and replaced it with a ring with a boatload of diamonds on it for the other hand. I am stylin’ ser shure. It feels much better.

We went to what is described as a dive bar around the corner from Gordon’s house. Now there are dive bars and there are Dive bars. A brief shout out to my buddies at The Cellar in Abington. This is a Dive bar with friendly and competent bartenders, decent bar food, cheap drafts and elbow to elbow townies. You visit with buddies, make new buddies and mingle with the bouncers. If the bouncers decide you a danger to women and children as you crawl up the steps (it is a cellar after all) they arrange for a ride home. It is long on charm with a heap of New England’s hard to detect and not always intended humor. The dive bar we were in last night had none of this….it did have an indifferent bartender with long, too red, dirty hair. The patrons were an odd mix of characters to discordant to carry on  even the most elementary form of  converation and the juke box was twice as loud as it should have been, blaring out the crappiest songs from the 80’s as if on purpose.

I love visiting Gordon but wish I were further south….all in good time.