14 miles northwest of the White House the small town of Garrett Park, MD decided by a vote of 245 to 46 to ban nukes within it’s .26 square miles. As they did this back in 1982 they are certainly not bandwaggoners.  I wonder if in the ensuing years, 34 by my count, the yea’s are still shunning the nay’s or the other way around.

It reminds me of the ordnance passed by the fine citizens of Berkely, CA back in the late ’80s. But in 2011 a fellow by the name of Wozniak proposed the ban be struck down because the cold war was over. Should someone tell Garrett Park?

I met a colorful chap by the name of Guillermo in a parking lot the other day. We talked jeeps, traveling and the central american country of Nicaragua. His strongest argument for me to move there was that as a rich american I could snag a much younger woman and have our picture taken. The thought of my ex seeing a picture of me with a young, hot Nicaraguan gal in a spandex mini made me explode in laughter……I may just do it.