Month: October 2016

Skinny, brown and healthy

Sunday, my cooking day. Going to slow cook some beans and boil up some rice. I also want to buy some yuca at the mercado four blocks south of my apartment and try my hand at those as well. In between the slow cooking I managed three long walks. Walking in the morning is easy. It’s cooler and if there is a slight cloud cover almost pleasant.

I set the beans up over low heat and went out again at noon. An hour later I limped home, tired and sweaty. Noon walks here in the tropics I am not ready for yet. But after three in the afternoon when it cools a bit a nice brisk walk around the Parque and the surrounding neighborhoods is refreshing.

Now the Mercado is something else. It’s a couple blocks of sheer madness. If you have ever seen those open air bazaars they show in the movies sometimes you can imagine this. The narrow streets are jammed with all kinds of ramshackle booths and carts with everything from baby shirts to toothpaste and soap. But most people come here for the fruits and vegetables. It would shock most Americans at first because everything is so haphazhard, dirty and crowded but at the same time if you slow down you can stock up very cheaply on all of the locally grown produce. I bought my yuca’s, about a pound of them for 78 cents.

My goal is just what it says in the title, skinny, brown (as brown as an Irishman can get) and healthy. Give me another two months and that’s what I will be. I miss all my friends and family but I am starting to love my simple life here in Granada, Nicaragua.

Enter the rain

Confined to my room due to a tussle with an intestinal anomaly I have decided to attack my boredom with a bout of writing.

This morning at around 5 AM I was speaking with our very wise night clerk, Russell. In comparing our cultures he told me the Americans are ruled by time and Nicaraguans rule time….then with a smile he added, that’s why we are always late. But happy I might add.

I told Russell that I thought the greatest gift one can have is be able to recognize the moment one has reached the state of happiness.

I had it and let it go. Russell described it to me when he said that all he wants is his kids to remember him as he remembers his dad.