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I am leaving the country in four days. I leave with only two regrets…that I was unable to reconcile with my wife, and I will be 3,700 miles from my new family, the Murray’s. C’est la vie.

The jeep is sold. Like an old boxer her skills were fading from the years and the miles. The jabs and crosses were wearing the old girl down. In the right hands (and I think this young fellow has them) new life can be breathed into her. I am hoping she lives as long or longer than I do.

Without Clare and Gordon putting me up and putting up with me these last six months I don’t know what I would have done.

I am packed, paperwork is done, I have several apartments to look at as soon as I get to Granada and I can’t wait until that plane door closes behind me.


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  2. Lots of flowers still to admire, Pauline. I like the look of the Kirengeshoma palmata and will look out for it – it sounds like the sort of plant I could get from Constantine nurseries and I must start up a list of ‘wants’ before I forget. Is the Lysimachia well-behaved? I don’t remember your post on fuchsias, so perhaps it was before I found you – are yours mostly hardy? I have some new ones in pots and am hedging my bets so far about when to bring them in – I would certainly like to nurture the ‘Deep Purple’ ones which have been fantastic and are still looking good.

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  8. Small world: my father worked for the former owner of the News-Sentinel before he was killed in an air crash (his vintage Grumman F8F was struck by lightning while he was on his way to an air show. RIP.)

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  15. Well, of course. However, I will be helping keep Sophie calm so that does not leave my hands free to work the camera. And since my husband is not usually home that often and my oldest daughter works so much my 14 yo who the dog belongs to, would be the optimal camera person.

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  17. Any activity such as this with your children is time well spent. I like Pete too. He’s very unique and his own person.Good luck with the rest of the dolls/house. Sounds fun.

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  26. I enjoyed the gentle humour of Cranford. Less keen on Lady Ludlow. Having just enjoyed her biog of Charlotte Bronte, I keep thinking I ought to read more Gaskell but I’m not sure whether I want to tackle the ‘industrial’ novels Mary Barton and North and South.

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