Happy New Year

Three days until New Years Eve and the fireworks are filling the air. At least is isn’t gunfire.

Canadians seem to flock to Granada for reasons no one has been able to spell out very clearly. Yes, 88 degrees is certainly more pleasant than any winter day in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, but there are lots of warm places that seem to be easier to get to. But I am glad they are here, friendly and easy to talk to…even the ones in Vancouver who rioted when the Bruins beat them for the Cup in 2011.

There was the gal from Ontario who played college hockey and still looked like she could hip check you into next week. There will be no fooling with her in a dark alley after a night of drinking unless you want a mouthful of elbow. Her uncle played for the Red Wings among several other teams and even scored 52 goals in his best year.

Jen, the bartender from Montreal, was 18 when she took off from Montreal to travel alone through Indonesia. Now a seasoned veteran at 28 she is meandering through Central America while keeping her nervous parents up to date with her travels through the internet.

With their backpacks and the ever present bottle of water twenty somethings are all around me with not a safe space filled with dolls, crayons and playdoh in sight. A brave and adventurous lot and I admire them.

There is actually a treehouse hostel somewhere around here that is popular among the backpackers. I would love to see a passel of them try to get up to their rooms after a night on the town.

Meanwhile, I wander about town looking for a good cup of coffee and conversation and after three months have not been disappointed in either.


  1. Hi Bob Lyttelton is one of our favourite places. I can't believe that so much of it is gone. Thinking of you and your loss. The young man staying here has lost his aunt. Thank you very much for your kind words. I haven't done much though. I feel unreal but I am good and very blessed to stil have everything.

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  5. It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

  6. Oh JOY! This sounds like super fun! Yay also for me being in my 2nd trimester now (today marks 20.2 weeks )I joined your FB page aaaaaaaaaaaggggeeeesss ago Much love x 2.5

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  8. Ã… DET sÃ¥ koselig ut det!!!!!!!!!=DHyggelig at du likte vantene da! Men jeg føler ikke at jeg er sÃ¥ flink at har “lov” til Ã¥ ta betalt for noe som helst enda… Tenkte jeg kunne jobbe opp mot det…;)

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