“It is a wise dog that scratches it’s own fleas” Part II

As my wife and I have started to communicate again due to our effort to keep our daughter alive we are learning anew how to work together for a common goal. It’s quite refreshing.

We need to agree on a common goal and the ways to achieve that goal for all of this to work. And in this I have to slow down and gently explain my methods so that Liz and I can approach this dependency problem together. Too often in the past I have tried to push my agenda past Liz assuming that no one could disagree with me. Aside from the fact that an attitude like that alienates almost everyone I also ignored the deepest ties between a mother and child.

I can now look back at the trajectory of our life pitted against my insistence that I and only I knew how to save our daughter. I created this mess and I am sorry for the outcome. But life has a strange way of resurrecting efforts like this and I am grateful for the chance.

My hand is out to Liz to work with me to save a life, a family and a relationship.


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  16. – Sage advice, Kat. Enjoy every moment…@YOGI – I do feel luck, and always know, I could be a better daughter. @KENT – Thanks for sharing the journey with me, Kent. It helps to talk about it, or in this case, write about it. @CATS MEOW – Thank you for visiting my blog. Those words, "simply went away forever." Dear God, that must have been painful. Thanks for sharing. @JAZZMASTER – I love to your name here. Thank you!

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  18. yup!….there’s no human, natural explanation for things I experience. As I stated above, I have many occurrences of knowing things before they happen, and there is no possible way it is a memory of something already done. It is fascinating.

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